Not to long ago I started writing down some things I did while at my day job. I shared these stories with people both in and out of work and had great feed back. A lot of the things I write about center around debugging, or at the very least the guts of applications.

I like to get in behind the scenes of just about everything. Whether it be hardware, software, or brewing beer. I am driven to know how it works and how to make it work better (if possible).


I think the common thought of debugging is finding a spurious bug in some mundane routine that makes your application return 3 instead of returning 4. However, there is an art to getting behind the code and figuring out why something behaves this way. Most people can just grab a snippet of code, modify it and move on.

I’m not saying I don’t do this for some boiler plate stuff. But, there are deep code examples that teach us more about the application than we can grasp by reading a blog post.

Code Examples

All of my code examples are free to use for work or play. I don’t have any license disclaimers to add in so feel free to rip if it’s useful. The only thing I hope is that you take the time to understand why something works; it’s kind of my thing.


I’m always open for speaking events, paid or unpaid. I truly enjoy getting out there in the community and inspiring and mentoring who I can. Feel free to contact me via Twitter or LinkedIn to schedule me. Check out my Speaking Schedule to see if I may be booked that day or weekend.