Download 64-bit Installer(includes 32-bit)

Download 32-bit Installer

What’s Included?

Inside of ths installer you will have the following items to choose from. The source code is available.

    • 64-bit version of the plugin
    • 32-bit version of the plugin
  • Samples
    • MySQL scripts for registering plugin
    • Binaries for SimpleExtension
    • Binaries for ComplexExtension
  • Simple Documentation to get you started

Packaged Installation

  1. Download installer
  2. Run installer
  3. Select MySQL versions to install for
  4. Select additional options
  5. Done


If you want to jump in using the included examples here is what you need to do.

  1. Verify mysqld.exe.config is in the %MYSQLHOME%\bin\ directory
  2. Copy Samples\MySQLCustomClass.dll to %MYSQLHOME%\lib\plugins\
    • You may also copy it to %MYSQLHOME%\lib\plugins\MySQLCustomClass\
  3. Execute sql_install.sql from the command line or your favorite client

That’s it!

Execute one of the following stored procedures. Descriptions included.

simple_add3toint(int) — Adds 3 to the input number

simple_add3toreal(real) — Adds 3 to the input number

simple_addtostring(string) — Adds “SIMPLE EXAMPLE” to the end of the input

adv_isinradius(LatCenter, LongCenter, LatPoint, LongPoint, radius) — Calculates to see if the point is inside of the specified radius from the center.

adv_distance(LatStart, LongStart, LatEnd, LongEnd) — Calculates the distance in meters between the two points.

adv_getwebpage(webpage) — Uses System.WebClient to pull the raw HTML back from the URL in the function.


SELECT dotnet_schema.adv_isinradius(28.03, 81.95, 28.43, 81.32, 80000.0);
SELECT dotnet_schema.adv_distance(28.03, 81.95, 28.43, 81.32);
SELECT dotnet_schema.adv_getwebpage("");