A Year of Procrastination

So, about a year ago (August 1st, 2014 to be exact) I started on a project for fun(?). This wasn’t much unlike any other project I’ve started, however, this one felt a bit different. I actually TALKED ABOUT IT with other people. I’m not normally shy about my whimsical ideas, but usually I relegate them to “it would only help me,” and I bother only one or two people with my scheme. In this last year I’ve stopped a number of times for great things. Speaking at four conferences, my daughter’s first birthday, a family reunion, my 8th wedding anniversary, literally a full life worth of stuff in a year. It has been a great year.

Time Flies! - Prepping for Code on the Beach

I was looking back at my site for reference here at work and I noticed I haven’t written anything for over a month now! So, as the title says, time flies. Plenty of things have been broken and fixed in the past month, so I’ll be getting back to it soon. However, the past month or so, I’ve been devoting my free time at night to fully preparing for Code on the Beach.

Debugging - SSRS Report Viewer and IE11

Recently we upgraded IE in order to keep up with the EOL of Internet Explorer—for most of our enterprise that means we’re going to IE11. This started a while ago and it took some time for it to trickle down to a majority of the machines. In fact, some standard user machines were upgraded before the developer’s machines were. This lead to a number of broken pages and functionality. Aside from broken HTML pages was the SSRS Report Viewer control—after the upgrade it started crashing IE. You may have run into something like this after your upgrades and you don’t have a lot of options. Be prepared to read the words unsupported and not recommended … A LOT.

Debugging - ADFS AppDomainUnloadedException with NetExt

I got a quick message yesterday about a machine running out of space. Normally this is just handled by our second line support. But this time the developer jumped on the box to find out what was causing it and noticed there were a lot of dump files. I looked at it with the developer and found there were a bunch of crash dumps being created by a monitoring tool. This tool captures unhandled exceptions and will create a mini dump for it. Neither of us liked the fact there were numerous dumps, so I decided to dig deeper.

Debugging - I break things. Visual Studio Crash

Sometimes I abuse Visual Studio without trying. I use Visual Studio to create web performance test scripts and I usually use Fiddler to record the scripts. After recording a fairly trivial script I exported the Fiddler session and imported it into Visual Studio. Once I was done mucking with the Web Test layout I converted it to a coded web test. As soon as the coded test was done generating, Visual Studio crashed. So, I tried again, same thing. Nope, I don’t like it—let’s find out what’s going on.